Take control of your online identity and protect your data!

Think of the SafeZonePass as your virtual passport that gives you access to websites, shops, and services without sharing any of your personal data.

On top of that, SafeZonePass is your key to amazing prize draws, special discounts, and exclusive offers. Simply get your free SafeZonePass (by invitation only), protect your privacy, and enjoy every day what the SafeZone has to offer.

What is included in your SafeZonePass?

  • FREE Identity Protection (Personal Number = PerNum)
  • FREE Digital Currency Wallet
  • FREE Welcome Bonus (0.000400 YEM, a USD 10 Value)
  • FREE Affiliate Program ‘We Share Success’
  • FREE Daily Prize Draws
  • FREE Weekly eBook

Get your SafeZonePass verified for more benefits!

  • Access to all services*
  • Access to all products*
  • Access to all SafeZones*

For maximum security of our members we have established a high-level identification process to comply with international KYC/AML regulations. Only verified members have access to services which require KYC/AML.

* Your SafeZonePass is your personal ID Card on the Internet. Any kind of additional services or products are offered by verified third-party businesses. SafeZone, Inc. is not offering any additional services.